New Year – Bring it!

I don’t spend alot of time thinking about the previous year.  Not sure why.  But other than thinking I want to do more of “x” and less of “y” I don’t don’t do alot of reflecting.

I do spend most of December dreaming.  Yep, that is my dreaming month.  How can I be a better wife?  How can I be a better Mom?

While TV doesn’t get much of my attention (except Duck Dynasty!), I am an avid blog reader.  Mostly interior design.  Deleted my political blog following, it’s all rubbish.  One of my favorite blogs included their kids when discussing goals for the next year.  Mark and I have always done that just as a couple, but now that the kids are 10 and 13 we included them this year.    While I won’t divulge all three of their resolutions I will give one each!

Adam:  spend money wisely.

Rachel: clean my room weekly.

Mark: increase charity.

Me: exercise.

We all were only allowed three.  Of course I still have my goal board in my office which includes: better wife, better mom, better employee, oh and rock my biz!

One of my facebook group members posed the question of what were you afraid of that would keep you from reaching your goals?

My answer:

Maybe I’m just on a New Year High – but NOTHING. “I’m not afraid of storms for I have learned how to sail my ship”…Louisa May Alcott.

Life is short, get busy.   What I don’t know I’ll learn.   What I mess up I’ll fix.   I plan on going to bed tired and wake up hungry.

Learned that one from my four legged kids… Hope your New Year ROCKS!!!

Moby 1-2-12

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