New Kitchen Inspiration

You know when you desperately need to buy a pair of shoes but can’t find anything you like?  The only style you can find in the stores are 70’s wedges, or 4 inch heels, or old lady shoes?  So you go without and keep polishing your old shoes because you just can’t go with what is popular?

That has been my design dilemma with our kitchen.  I don’t want a stark white kitchen.  I mean I LOVE white marble and dark wood floors.  But I don’t have dark wood floors.  We have saltillo tile, and I’m not ripping that out.  It’s hard to imagine that we’ve already spent thousands on the kitchen, but we have.   Just removing the drop ceiling (and the unknown electrical improvements) was a hefty price tag.   In the reno world everything costs “about $3,500”.   But I digress.  I couldn’t decide on a design for my kitchen so I didn’t do anything.  Until now.

Where did the sudden inspiration come from?  When we replaced appliances we didn’t replace the refrigerator.  It is ugly, but it is more than functional and has ice in the door.  I’m a simple girl.  With my deep freeze in the garage there was no need to replace our fridge.  My inspiration came from the need to cover up the ugly fridge.

Sadly right after I purchased this beautiful covering for the fridge, the fridge died. Good news is we now have a new state of the art stainless fridge. Bad news is my art installation is wasted since it was custom fitted to that fridge. Stay tuned.

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