Grouping Frames

I’ve gotten quite addicted to Pinterest.  I love looking at anything design related.  One of my favorite boards is framing ideas.  But you know what?  All of the arrangements you can pin are great at getting ideas, but when it comes to actually putting it to use…not so much.

You might see an arrangement you like, but most of the time the dimensions of the frames aren’t provided.  Who has time to go to a frame shop and arrange frames…on the floor…to try and make them look like the arrangement you saw.

My favorite frame shop – Aaron Brothers is not only in the middle of their 1Cent sales, the Manager let me take pictures of my most popular frame sizes.   Then I arranged them on my computer.  And viola!  You can easily see what frame size goes where.  And after you pick out your frames, you can easily add the width of the frames+ the space in-between+ the image size.   For Example, let’s use three 8X10’s side by side in a row hung vertical.   If the width of the space in-between each frame was 1 inch (you add 2 inches because only two spaces are in-between three frames), and the frames were 1 inch wide, then you would add 6 inches (2 inches per frame times 3 frames).  So if the three frames were hung vertical, that would be 24 + 2 + 6 = 32 inches horizontal.  Vertical would be 10 (for the image size) + 2 inches for the frame, for 12 total.    So the wall space would need to be at least 12 inches  X 32 inches.

I’m putting together a Frame arrangement guide.  Here are a few I’ve done already.

Frame cluster - Keepthepicture

Hope you put some of your favorite images on your walls very soon!


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