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New Kitchen Inspiration

You know when you desperately need to buy a pair of shoes but can’t find anything you like?  The only style you can find in the stores are 70’s wedges, or 4 inch heels, or old lady shoes?  So you go without and keep polishing your old shoes because you just can’t go with what is popular?

That has been my design dilemma with our kitchen.  I don’t want a stark white kitchen.  I mean I LOVE white marble and dark wood floors.  But I don’t have dark wood floors.  We have saltillo tile, and I’m not ripping that out.  It’s hard to imagine that we’ve already spent thousands on the kitchen, but we have.   Just removing the drop ceiling (and the unknown electrical improvements) was a hefty price tag.   In the reno world everything costs “about $3,500”.   But I digress.  I couldn’t decide on a design for my kitchen so I didn’t do anything.  Until now.

Where did the sudden inspiration come from?  When we replaced appliances we didn’t replace the refrigerator.  It is ugly, but it is more than functional and has ice in the door.  I’m a simple girl.  With my deep freeze in the garage there was no need to replace our fridge.  My inspiration came from the need to cover up the ugly fridge.

Sadly right after I purchased this beautiful covering for the fridge, the fridge died. Good news is we now have a new state of the art stainless fridge. Bad news is my art installation is wasted since it was custom fitted to that fridge. Stay tuned.

Sparkle Closet – compliment to a Sparkle shoot

Planning makes for a better meeting, workshop or party!  It is also very important to plan before a Sparkle shoot.  Why?

The Sparkle shoot is your opportunity to shine.  Get your hair done. Your nails and toes done. Get a massage.  It’s your opportunity to get a beautiful portrait of yourself.  You with your daughter(s), your son(s), your Mom, or your best friend.

A Sparkle shoot leaves you with portraits.  It isn’t a snapshot.  Nor is it a “lifestyle” shoot, which is you and your family, a photographer, at a park.   And you receive a few images of ya’ll walking around.  Those shoots can be very well done.  They are usually for Christmas cards.  I’ve done that in the past.  Once.

It’s not that a portrait is more formal.  To me it’s more real.  It’s a connection that a snapshot just doesn’t have.  To illustrate look at the two photographs below.  Can you tell the difference between the two?

Snapshot vs Portrait

Snapshot vs Portrait

I took both of these.  The image on the left was a Valentine Limited Edition.  This is Avery, sweet girl and very photogenic.  The image on the right was a Sparkle shoot.  Makeup artist on set.  This is an image that in 50 years her children can point to and say “That is my MOM!”.   It is so real to me.

Here are some more examples:

glamour, Sparkle,

Savannah - Sparkle

Savannah – Sparkle

So the obvious question is “What am I going to wear?”

We can help you with that.   I have an ever expanding closet of clothes that are perfect for your session.  Take a look at the Sparkle Closet here:

(copy and paste the following)

Do you have any portraits of yourself?  Of your family?


Do you Pin? on Pinterest?

I love the idea of Pinterest.  I set-up my boards and try to remember to “pin” my favorites.   Only I usually rip out the magazine page and physically pin the idea to a physical board. (Yep I’m that girl).  But I am trying my best to embrace yet another social media.

As a Portrait photographer I’m constantly asked how to arrange images.  I’ve created a board just for that.  Here is one of my favorite idea finds:

framing ideas, glamour, portrait photographer

Keep The Picture collage arrangement ideas

For those of you who do enjoy Pinterest you can follow me at KeepThePicture.  Or click on the right hand side of the blog!

Glamour, sparkle, framing ideas, photo shoots

Sheila Hallmark Photographer

Have a SUPER week!

Where have I been?

The past few months have been a whirlwind.    Not only did I hit a creative block – we thought we were moving to Nashville – then a close family member got sick – then my little girl graduated 5th grade.

Ok, so graduated is a bit much but she is now out of elementary school.   I wish I could keep our kids younger longer.  Not just that I want them around longer, but I haven’t quite got this parenting thing down yet and really want a do over some days!

We are SO glad we’re not moving.  Nashville is beautiful, but there are so many things to love about Austin and this is our home now.  Oh and did I mention our home?  We have a two story and recently moved everything to the first floor so we could gut the top floor.  The formal living and dining room has bed, bed, and bed.  Yeah.  And so now you know where I’ve been…

But on a fun note I’m finally getting to pick out fixtures and such.  Look at the selection for our Master bath, it has been completely gutted.  Carrera marble for the floor, white subway tile for the shower (with metal accents), and a random glass tile with metal for the backsplash!

Bath surfaces

Here is a better shot of the backsplash:

Backsplash Master bath

I’m in LOVE.

The pendant lights came today!  I might actually get to use that new shower by the end of the month!  #party!

Lots of cool design/photo stuff to blog.  Will do that soon.   promise.

Happy Summer ya’ll!


James Bond 007 – Wednesday March 6, 2013

YEAH!   I’ve finished planning the logistics of the next Limited Edition – “James Bond 007”.  Love James, and love these shoots!  We will have Tuxedo Jackets for the boys, and lots of dresses and sequin tops for the girls.   Boys just wear jeans and your favorite tennis shoes – or flip flops. This is Austin.  Girls can wear shorts, dress, or leggings and a matching tank top.  Try to wear all one color, then we can easily layer some sparkle!

James Bond 007 Flyer 3-6-13 web size

New Year – Bring it!

I don’t spend alot of time thinking about the previous year.  Not sure why.  But other than thinking I want to do more of “x” and less of “y” I don’t don’t do alot of reflecting.

I do spend most of December dreaming.  Yep, that is my dreaming month.  How can I be a better wife?  How can I be a better Mom?

While TV doesn’t get much of my attention (except Duck Dynasty!), I am an avid blog reader.  Mostly interior design.  Deleted my political blog following, it’s all rubbish.  One of my favorite blogs included their kids when discussing goals for the next year.  Mark and I have always done that just as a couple, but now that the kids are 10 and 13 we included them this year.    While I won’t divulge all three of their resolutions I will give one each!

Adam:  spend money wisely.

Rachel: clean my room weekly.

Mark: increase charity.

Me: exercise.

We all were only allowed three.  Of course I still have my goal board in my office which includes: better wife, better mom, better employee, oh and rock my biz!

One of my facebook group members posed the question of what were you afraid of that would keep you from reaching your goals?

My answer:

Maybe I’m just on a New Year High – but NOTHING. “I’m not afraid of storms for I have learned how to sail my ship”…Louisa May Alcott.

Life is short, get busy.   What I don’t know I’ll learn.   What I mess up I’ll fix.   I plan on going to bed tired and wake up hungry.

Learned that one from my four legged kids… Hope your New Year ROCKS!!!

Moby 1-2-12

Costumes – for the Great Gatsby!

I’m really starting to get excited about the Limited Edition scheduled for this fall! This will truly be a one-of-a-kind photoshoot. We will have a 1920’s cream colored Packard set against a backdrop of beautiful live oaks and green lawn. This shoot will be fantastic for couples and family portraits.

Of course you are welcome to wear your own clothing, but we will also have a few dresses for the ladies! And don’t forget your hats!

Here are two dresses I purchased a few months ago on a shopping trip to Houston.

The dresses are identically made, flapper style, one cream color one light grey.

I LOVE the fringe and the spaghetti straps.  Here is a close-up shot of the bead work.

And here is the bottom fringe work.

Here is the cream colored dress with one of the period hats I purchased along with a scarf.

Isn’t this just Gorgeous!

Hurry and schedule your session soon!  Limited Edition standard session fee is $35 for 10 minutes.  If you would also like professional makeup that will be an additional $75.  And why not?  When do you want to look stunning?…before a photograph.  Come early for makeup and a sip of champagne.  Have the hubby bring the kiddo’s later.  (but make sure you book a sitter! – cause you will look hot~!