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Corn Hill Community – Small Town Tuesday’s

I had seen the old homestead for years as I drove north on IH 35.   Just north of Georgetown and to your right you see the structure that is sadly falling down.   Many mornings as I past by I could see the sun piercing through the house exposing all of the boards that have fallen over the years.

I wondered everytime I drove by who built that home?  Who’s dream was that? Who had lived there?  Before IH 35 what was in front of this homestead?

When did the last people live in it?  Do they have ancestors still in the area or are they long gone from Texas?

Although my life has never been that simple, I envy that quiet existence.

I found a few more old homesteads in the area.

Adam asked me the other day if I could do anything what would it be?  He wanted to be able to fly.  I would want to go back in time, if just for a day.

Small Town Tuesday’s – McGregor, Texas

Recently I traveled to McGregor Texas.   McGregor is about 120 miles north of Austin just west of 35.  Like alot of small towns in Texas it seems as if you are in the middle of no where and then suddenly you see the speed limit start to drop.

According to the 2000 census there is less than 5,000 people in  McGregor.   The downtown has the old buildings from the 1800’s you would expect but very few buildings on the cross streets.

I first stopped at Doug’s restaurant downtown.   He offers a variety of sandwiches and salads and a nice selection of expresso creations.  Doug Cobb is the owner, you can find him and his quaint shop at 402 w. 3rd st.,

I wish I’d had time to eat.  It smelled yummy!

Around the corner on main street was T.J.’s Cigar Lounge.  WOW.  What a surprise.  They boast the largest cigar lounge in Texas.

Looks can be deceiving…

Nice leather seating and super cool paintings surround the walls.  I could really hang out here.  Too bad I don’t smoke!

I could learn to gamble though. They are BYOB and are always having something going on…like Texas Hold’em.  You can find them at 322 S Main St, McGregor, 76657.  They are open 6 days a week.   I didn’t catch the artist name, but I loved the paintings!

I have a penchant for old broken down movie houses.   My secret wish is to buy one someday and refurbish it.  Lucky for me there are plenty in Texas.  Just need to work on that refurbish fund.

Happy Tuesday!