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Sparkle Closet – compliment to a Sparkle shoot

Planning makes for a better meeting, workshop or party!  It is also very important to plan before a Sparkle shoot.  Why?

The Sparkle shoot is your opportunity to shine.  Get your hair done. Your nails and toes done. Get a massage.  It’s your opportunity to get a beautiful portrait of yourself.  You with your daughter(s), your son(s), your Mom, or your best friend.

A Sparkle shoot leaves you with portraits.  It isn’t a snapshot.  Nor is it a “lifestyle” shoot, which is you and your family, a photographer, at a park.   And you receive a few images of ya’ll walking around.  Those shoots can be very well done.  They are usually for Christmas cards.  I’ve done that in the past.  Once.

It’s not that a portrait is more formal.  To me it’s more real.  It’s a connection that a snapshot just doesn’t have.  To illustrate look at the two photographs below.  Can you tell the difference between the two?

Snapshot vs Portrait

Snapshot vs Portrait

I took both of these.  The image on the left was a Valentine Limited Edition.  This is Avery, sweet girl and very photogenic.  The image on the right was a Sparkle shoot.  Makeup artist on set.  This is an image that in 50 years her children can point to and say “That is my MOM!”.   It is so real to me.

Here are some more examples:

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Savannah - Sparkle

Savannah – Sparkle

So the obvious question is “What am I going to wear?”

We can help you with that.   I have an ever expanding closet of clothes that are perfect for your session.  Take a look at the Sparkle Closet here:

(copy and paste the following)

Do you have any portraits of yourself?  Of your family?


Artwork – other than Portraits? gasp!

I am always interested in decorating my home.  Although for the past several months you wouldn’t think so due to the constant state of remodel.  (I could do a series of posts on that one but will leave it alone!)

Any who! I saw these prints in a Country magazine recently and absolutely LOVE this idea.  Black and white prints of US patents. It would be great in any room, any size, and is perfect for a masculine room.

Patent prints Country Living 4-13

Want to know the best part?  The artwork is FREE.  Yep, download from  Here is a closer view.

Up close patent print

I think these would make really cool Christmas gifts.   You can search for any invention.   I love the camera’s!

Have a SUPER Weekend!

Do you Pin? on Pinterest?

I love the idea of Pinterest.  I set-up my boards and try to remember to “pin” my favorites.   Only I usually rip out the magazine page and physically pin the idea to a physical board. (Yep I’m that girl).  But I am trying my best to embrace yet another social media.

As a Portrait photographer I’m constantly asked how to arrange images.  I’ve created a board just for that.  Here is one of my favorite idea finds:

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Keep The Picture collage arrangement ideas

For those of you who do enjoy Pinterest you can follow me at KeepThePicture.  Or click on the right hand side of the blog!

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Sheila Hallmark Photographer

Have a SUPER week!