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Bathroom Reno – Take like 5?

This bathroom is gonna be finished.   Someday.  Someday soon.  But we changed our minds on the flooring because hubby doesn’t like square tiles so no white carerra found something he we like better.  tee hee hee.  Really I do like it better.  It goes beautiful with the Restoration Hardware sink cabinet I picked out.

Restoration Hardware Double Vanity

Mark picked it up today.  Found it at the RH Outlet in San Marcos. SCORE!   Happy Mother’s Father’s Day!  French Empire Double Vanity Sink.

And here is the flooring he also picked up today.

Oceanside Plank

Lumber Liquidations

Oceanside Plank is the name of this weathered grey floor.  Do people give parties when they finish a reno?  Even if it’s just the Master Bath??   I think Champagne will be in order.


Where have I been?

The past few months have been a whirlwind.    Not only did I hit a creative block – we thought we were moving to Nashville – then a close family member got sick – then my little girl graduated 5th grade.

Ok, so graduated is a bit much but she is now out of elementary school.   I wish I could keep our kids younger longer.  Not just that I want them around longer, but I haven’t quite got this parenting thing down yet and really want a do over some days!

We are SO glad we’re not moving.  Nashville is beautiful, but there are so many things to love about Austin and this is our home now.  Oh and did I mention our home?  We have a two story and recently moved everything to the first floor so we could gut the top floor.  The formal living and dining room has bed, bed, and bed.  Yeah.  And so now you know where I’ve been…

But on a fun note I’m finally getting to pick out fixtures and such.  Look at the selection for our Master bath, it has been completely gutted.  Carrera marble for the floor, white subway tile for the shower (with metal accents), and a random glass tile with metal for the backsplash!

Bath surfaces

Here is a better shot of the backsplash:

Backsplash Master bath

I’m in LOVE.

The pendant lights came today!  I might actually get to use that new shower by the end of the month!  #party!

Lots of cool design/photo stuff to blog.  Will do that soon.   promise.

Happy Summer ya’ll!