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Attitude and Gratitude

I have really been struggling lately with how to teach our children gratitude.  I can correct their grammar, how they treat others, and a host of things that Moms and Dads repeat every day to raise their kids.  Gratitude is so much harder. 

I was struck recently by how much complaining I hear in my house.    And then I thought how much do I complain?  How often DO I complain?  How often am I not grateful?  Yesterday as I was carrying on the daily duties of life I said to myself OH, I HAVE to do this?  (which was putting a new bath tissue in the holder).   How silly? how ungrateful?  I GET to put bath tissue on the holder.  I have two hands and the dexterity to do the job.  I have plenty of bath tissue in the house.  Do the job with joy in your heart, instead of anguish (or anger) because you can’t get right back to your ipad surfing, or facebook.  Pleazzzzzzz.

For the rest of the day I substituted GET in place of HAVE when I realized something needed to be done.  I GET to decide what we are having for dinner.  As I stare at a full pantry and overstocked freezer.  I GET to cook for my family.  I have the capacity to cook (not the skill people, ha!).  For my family.   For my family.  Which in my youth I never dreamed of having.

My personal gratitude has improved my attitude.  by.leaps.and.bounds.  And I already had a good attitude.  How was I going to pass on this wonderful knowledge to my kids?

I woke at 4:00 this morning.   After tossing and turning all night.  Attitude.  Gratitude.  The keys to happiness.  I had the perfect idea.  It involves showing not telling.  You can tell all you want, but showing makes them remember.  Now all I have to do is wait for the perfect opportunity.  Of course I’ll let you know when it happens. And YES their will be pictures.

Attitude and Gratitude.  I plan on rockin’ that theme this Christmas Season.

A post is always better with a picture.  Here is one from a reason session.  Love this image, looks almost like a painting.