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Austin Sparkle Session : Tennis Player

I had the best time photographing two friends at a recent Sparkle session.  They are very good friends.  They are also a very good competitive tennis team.  Fierce.  They got game, and they also have strategy.  Nothing weak about these ladies!  One of the dynamic duo hasn’t seen her images yet, so I can only showcase the one for now.

 When this girl smiles – it’s an all out smile.  No holding back.  Love that.




















This was my favorite.  Well one of my favorites.












 Happy Tuesday!

What’s new? – Sparkle Session

I’m starting a new photography line.  It is similar to wedding photography because you will have your hair and makeup professionally done.   It is similar to glamour photography because you can get all gussied up.  It is similar to boudoir photography because it will reveal the décolletage.  It is actually a bridge between all three.

                 Introducing Sparkle

Sparkle  is when you plan a few days around yourself.  Get a mani, a pedi.  Get those highlights touched up.  Then come into the studio for your professional makeup.  Enjoy some champagne and strawberries.  Of course bring your Mom, your daughter or best friend, or all three if you like!  This is the ultimate in girl’s day out.  Or surprise your honey.  (I can’t be held responsible for how hot you will look!)














These sessions are so much fun!  I have a new love!


Costumes – for the Great Gatsby!

I’m really starting to get excited about the Limited Edition scheduled for this fall! This will truly be a one-of-a-kind photoshoot. We will have a 1920’s cream colored Packard set against a backdrop of beautiful live oaks and green lawn. This shoot will be fantastic for couples and family portraits.

Of course you are welcome to wear your own clothing, but we will also have a few dresses for the ladies! And don’t forget your hats!

Here are two dresses I purchased a few months ago on a shopping trip to Houston.

The dresses are identically made, flapper style, one cream color one light grey.

I LOVE the fringe and the spaghetti straps.  Here is a close-up shot of the bead work.

And here is the bottom fringe work.

Here is the cream colored dress with one of the period hats I purchased along with a scarf.

Isn’t this just Gorgeous!

Hurry and schedule your session soon!  Limited Edition standard session fee is $35 for 10 minutes.  If you would also like professional makeup that will be an additional $75.  And why not?  When do you want to look stunning?…before a photograph.  Come early for makeup and a sip of champagne.  Have the hubby bring the kiddo’s later.  (but make sure you book a sitter! – cause you will look hot~!