Monthly Archives: July 2012

Goals Re-visited

As a photographer I guess it goes without saying that I am a very visual person.  But I will say it anyway! It’s much easier for me to comprehend or remember something if I’ve seen it.  I write alot.  To encourage myself to write I have tons of markers, pens, oil pastels, and now a fancy app called Paper.  LOVE that app!

I also love ink stamps.  Whenever I produce a storybook for a client I have a really cool chandilier stamp I put on the back inside flap.  Then I sign it. I guess signing or writing something down makes it more real.

I recently revisited my goals.  I have many!  I did have them written on scratch pad taped to my idea wall.  But I recently had some leftover black foam board so I took the time to make those goals prettier.  And quite frankly anything looks better to me with a chandilier.



Happy Monday!