Monthly Archives: June 2012

Strike a Pose

I find inspiration everywhere.  There are several magazines I peruse to check out styling and lighting.  And poses. Yep always looking for new and interesting poses.  Unless your a photographer you probably don’t think about it. But come on – think about it.  You can’t tell a client to well – just stand there.  Well sometimes I do that.  hee hee. just kidding.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about.  I ripped this pose from a magazine.  Yes it was my magazine. I’ve had it in my stash for months.  And didn’t think about it until I had this client walk into my studio.


Of course this client would look gorgeous anyways.  Even if I did tell her to just stand there.

Have a great week.  I’m planning on it!

In studio

I’ve been doing a lot of studio work lately. Could be that the temperatures in Austin in June (plus the mosquito squadron) are keeping me indoors! But I am really having a creative wave. Several of the shoots have been a surprise for Father’s day so I can’t post pictures. But one lately isn’t a surprise, and was a joy to photograph!


I’m prepping for another shoot today. Three generations. I can’t wait!
Moby is trying to help, but can’t seem to stay awake.














  Happy Summer!