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I have come to L.O.V.E. surprises

I have come to L.O.V.E. surprises.  I was so overjoyed by one recently that it has taken me over a month to be able to talk about it without crying.  Seriously.  I’m like Diane Keeton in Something’s Gotta Give (which me & my daughter love and watch often).

My cousin Val crocheted a few items for my expanding photography business.  I was expecting them in the mail.   I wasn’t expecting the big box I received.  LOADED with cool items she had made, and some that were sentimental favorites she knew I would want.  But what really set me off into a crying jag was the hand written notes she wrote for all of the items.

The suitcase that held all the precious items was what I pulled out of the box first.  With the following note:

“I remember when you first saw this suitcase. You wanted it so bad, and I was thinking about when I bought it that I wanted to use it to store pictures in. Well I found another suitcase at an estate auction of a friend of mines grandmother.  It’s not as in good condition as this one but it will store the photos just fine.  So…this is my gift to you. I know that you will use it for more things and will enjoy it.”

The crocheted items are so so cute.  A turtle shell & hat. 

The mermaid set with headband is so precious.  I can’t WAIT to find a baby girl to photograph!

And these glasses with the following note:

“I can’t remember the exact time but I’m thinking that when Papa Tallent died and different things were being gone thru Granny came across these glasses of hers.  For some reason I thought they looked so cool.   I even remember seeing some photos of her wearing them.  So…I was thinking how cool would it be to use them as photoprops, either lying around or someone wearing them, or even just for you to have to display in a cabinet.  So these are a gift from me to you – via – Granny.  I know you will cherish them as much as I have.”

I also received beige netting, blue & aqua gold blankets with hat, and a turquoise blanket. These are so cute!  White and pink fuzzy little pods to put a curled up infant in.  The little black top hat is adorable!







If you would like to order any of these items you can contact Valerie on her FB page!!/VYoungCreations

Have a great week!

Not too strong…Not to weak…Just right!

I received a gift card to Pottery Barn from a dear friend and client several months back.  I love Pottery Barn, and like most of my friends can spend literally hours in that store.  I had been searching for just the right thing to buy.  Today I found it!

If you follow me on facebook you know Santa brought us a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas.  Well because I was THAT good.  (not really, our old coffee pot bit the dust).   As much as I love the hot brewed on demand cup of Joe, the Keurig can be a little strong for my taste.  A regular coffee cup doesn’t allow for the correct amount of milk/coffee ratio.  (Only coffee lovers will get that).  So I needed a cup that was taller but not heavy or too macho – but not girly either (my husband is the machoiest of macho).  I found these! Aren’t they great!

And my friend and I can enjoy them together over a cup of coffee.  Not too strong, not to weak, just right!

When I saw this book I knew I had to have it.  “Living in Tuscany”. 

When we dream what could be more perfect? 

Sorry I’ve taken a break from my Small town Tuesdays.  I hope to get those posting again real soon.   I have a new territory, so stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday!