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Kristi + Jorge

So many times a wedding is just about that – the actual wedding.  The ceremony, who stands where, who sits where, the flowers must match the tent streamers, etc. 

Today was all about the union.   The marriage.  The promise of two people to love each.  IT couldn’t have been more perfect.

From the sweet bridesmaid…

To the dashing Groom & Groomsmen.

To the Bridesmaid’s.

Kristi’s daughters made it extra special walking her down to get married.

Laughter and Happiness just seemed to ooze from everyone.

Especially the Bride and Groom.

Congratulations you two!

To see more of their wedding go to:

Vendor List:

Cake: Austin Cake Ball – 512-826-4824

Minister : Rev. Dea Eggleston – 512-970-4306

Hairstylist:  Pat Zengri – 512-249-0210

Makeup:  Debi Yost – 512-335-0767 –

Mariache Band:  Mariachi Estrella -512-707-8782

D.J.:    Fantasy Mobile Entertainment – Freddie Gonzales – 512-917-1770

Florist: Flowers Flowers – 512-250-1645 –

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Venue:  Balcones Country Club – Nicole Abbott – 512-258-1621

Small Town Tuesday’s – Lometa

Ok so I have driven thru this town for about 5 years and NEVER stopped.  I have wanted to stop.  I see this old abandoned train depot station and think OH! I’ve got to stop and look at that place.

A few weeks ago I did just that.  What a gem.  It was beyond cool.  About 25 yards from the train tracks though, but still cooler than you can imagine.

I have a passion for old abandoned buildings.  Especially country homes, or places where people use to congregate.  I wonder where they all went.  This view is the back side, what you would actually see as you walked from the train tracks.  I don’t think I have seen a train station that far from the tracks.

Isn’t this window sad?  Beautiful.  Haunting.  Chilling.  I can invision someone standing on the other side after just arriving in Lometa Texas from God knows where.  Although Texas has ALOT of residents now small towns are just that – small.  It must have been scary looking out that window to the outside world of Lometa Texas in the 1930’s.  Can’t you imagine?

I was lucky this day as one of the doors was unlocked.  As I walked in I lost my breath.  This would have been where the employees worked.  Look at the old cash drawer.  No credit card machine then for sure!

I’ve never had a desire to steal something before today.  There before me were several I presume original screen doors.  Stacked neatly in the ticket room, like they were just going to clean them and put them back.

We might not know very much about this old train station.  But we do know they moved the baggage room on February 4, 1920.

Happy Tuesday.