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Here’s to Halloween…and slowing down a bit!

I’ve been working fast and furious on the set for Christmas this year.  So much so that the stress has started to settle in my knees.  YUCK!  I built a beautiful mantle, and just about had the chandilier complete when I realized that deadline I had set in my head – was just that.  In my head.  I then took a deep breath and decided to skip the big production this year.   Hope you aren’t disappointed, hopefully next year I will have my timing down better.  Sometimes your personal life, and day job, and dream job just don’t jive.

The good news is that if you wanted a Limited Edition for Christmas cards I am still available for that on the dates indicated here:

Heidi and Moby wanted to get into the Halloween spirit…ok they didn’t but aren’t they cute?

Hope you have a Fab week and Halloween!

My one and ONLY Blind date…

I am an avid reader.  Not a reader of literary works, but fashion magazines, home magazines, and anything that has to do with home design.

I was reading an article in one of these mags the other day from Mary Oriole, author of Dangerous Instincts.  One of her safe tips was to always look for the back door.  Make sure you know the exit in any room or business that you enter.  I began to crack up.  So much so I had to remove myself from the comfy perch I had at Barnes & Noble.

No I don’t have a weird sense of humor.  But her article reminded me of my one and only blind date.  I don’t even remember who sat me up with this winner, but the details of the night are etched into my mind.

It was 1985.  Hair was big and skirts were short.  He picked me up in some sort of hot rod he was working on.  Problem was their wasn’t a passenger’s seat.  There wasn’t a back seat.  Just a driver’s seat and 4 on the floor.  As I stood there and stared at the open door he said “Oh wait a minute”. 

He went to the trunk and retrieved a 10 gallon bucket for me to sit on.  Not a 5 gallon bucket but a 10 gallon bucket.  For the entire 15 minute ride to the “dance club” I had my hands gripping the dash while my rear slid from side to side.  My hair was big.  My mini skirt was mini.  I would have been worried about what was showing had I not been terrified of sliding out of the car.

We finally arrived at the club.  We were early.  No dinner before?  I guess he was also worried I was going to slide out of the vehicle.  I didn’t even sit down when we got inside, just excused myself to the ladies room and preceded to the back bar where I asked the bartender, “Do you have a back door?”.  They did.  “Would you mind letting me OUT the back door?”.  He did.

I immediately located the pay phone outside (before cell phones young friends), and called my best friend to pick me up.  Immediately. 

I never saw that boy and his 10 gallon bucket again.  I can’t vouch for blind dates.  But I agree with Ms. Oriole.  Always locate the back door.

And since posts are much better with a picture – here’s one of Moby (with his big hair).  I hid the ones of me so well that I can’t find them.

Corn Hill Community – Small Town Tuesday’s

I had seen the old homestead for years as I drove north on IH 35.   Just north of Georgetown and to your right you see the structure that is sadly falling down.   Many mornings as I past by I could see the sun piercing through the house exposing all of the boards that have fallen over the years.

I wondered everytime I drove by who built that home?  Who’s dream was that? Who had lived there?  Before IH 35 what was in front of this homestead?

When did the last people live in it?  Do they have ancestors still in the area or are they long gone from Texas?

Although my life has never been that simple, I envy that quiet existence.

I found a few more old homesteads in the area.

Adam asked me the other day if I could do anything what would it be?  He wanted to be able to fly.  I would want to go back in time, if just for a day.

Footprint on my Heart

A few night ago the kids noticed a magnet I’ve had on the fridge for years, 101 ways to praise your children.

Often times as I try to point my kids in the right direction or train them with manners, it comes out as a criticism.  I mean it as an observation and try hard not to be critical.  I need a new word track!  While I work on that it’s good to be reminded to tell them when they do it right!   Rach looked at the magnet again and said that’s good Momma, but don’t say the big words.  I don’t know what most of them mean.   Heavy sigh…just another footprint on my heart!

And speaking of footprints I mean dogprints.   We recently attempted to get a good family photo.  Yep I have trouble getting everyone on the same page, dressed, and in a “fun” mood.  I should have brought out the dogs earlier, because then we all got the giggles.  (You can’t see the mud dogprint on my pants).

Happy Monday!   

P.S. Soon to announce Christmas 2012 card designs.  New this year: If you book a session between 10/15 and 11/30 you will receive a FREE Christmas Card design with images from your session.  Conveniently provided as a jpeg file for easy uploading to your favorite card site!