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Inspiration for Props…

I see inspirations for props all the time.  I mean all. the. time.  Sometimes annoying, like I wish I could cut it off.  But not this particular afternoon.

A dear friend and I were shopping in the Domain, our favorite spot.  Erika and I shop well together.  We had breakfast at The Steeping Room.  Totally awesome French press coffee! Then headed to Anthropologie.  Anthoropolgie always sets off an explosion of ideas in my head.  Love that place.

I couldn’t take my eye off of this chair.  I envisioned 10 poses with this one chair the minute I saw it.

As much as I loved this piece I didn’t have the roughly $800 to purchase it.  So I took a picture.  Then as luck would have it found the following chair at a garage sale.

Aren’t the lines gorgeous?  and the white patina? Very similar to the inspiration piece but prettier I think!  And best of all?  It cost $20.  And better than that?  I bought two of them at that price!  WOO HOO!  My husband is so proud of how I save money!

Here is the start of my painting project.  (Fabric paint purchased from Hobby Lobby).

You can barely see the white lines I drew as reference.  But the tailor’s white pencil didn’t work to well with this fabric so I did it freehand.  Here is the result:

Totally LOVE this.  And soon I will have 2 of them!  Yipppee!  Hope your having an awesome week!

Donate your HAIR! Pantene Great Lengths!

I don’t usually blog about my donations.  But this one is SUPER important.  And you might be like me, have a great head of hair and not realize how easy it is to donate to the benefit of the American Cancer Society.

Pantene Great lengths has all of the information on their website:   The skinny: minimum of 8 inches.

I had a great stylist, Stephanie Harris! No pictures of my new do yet, but here are a few of the before shots!

Yeah there isn’t a picture of my face.  Our A/C was out for TWO days.  It’s 110 in Austin Texas this time of year.  Needless to say I haven’t been sleeping!  I’ll post pictures of the new do sometime soon!

10 Inches!   Hats off to those brave warriors out there.

Will I survive Middle School?

I say again, Will I survive Middle School?  I didn’t really put alot of thought into Adam starting middle school.  He was getting older, maturing, and I was starting to loosen up a bit.  Just a bit. 

I’m accused of being the most over protective Mom alive, and I might be.  But what was wrong with me driving him to the bus stop the first morning.  And parking down the street.  And taking a few pictures.  I stayed in my car!

I cried all day that first day and I’ve been weepy all week.  I don’t want my kids to stay little, but I don’t want them to grow up either.  Here’s just one snapshot from the first morning, and first day for riding the school bus.

Hug your kiddos often and tell them how much you love them!

Happy Friday!

Product – Metal PRINTS!

I started carrying metal prints last year and have fallen in LOVE with these.  They remind me of the old prints that were printed on metal in the 1800s.  You know those tin prints you’ve seen in antique stores? 





Boy have things changed.  At the recent 2012 Model Reveal party I also revealed a 16X20 metal print.  This is from a new supplier that includes the hanging hardware (attached) along with an attached wood standout block.  The image is ready to hang, looks like glass, and did I mention doesn’t need a frame? 

And here is the back:

I told you I’m in LOVE.  You will be too!  Call now to book your session!

2012 Model: Introducing Molly

Molly is the other Model I mentioned in my last post that I felt so lucky to get!   She was also in that Jackpot I was talking about!  She and Anne are best buds.

Gorgeous girl, long beautimus hair.  And 6. feet. tall!  LOVE!  This girl seriously looked like she just walked off a runway somewhere.  All I had to say was “pose” and she did.  It made my job so so easy.   Now for the stats:

School:  Anderson High School     Interest: Theater      College Choice: UT

Here are my favorites!

This might be my favorite.

Or this one!

Love me some back lighting!

You can schedule your session for as little as 30 minutes or as much as an hour and a half!  I’m sure we have something that will fit into your schedule.  And don’t forget, all of the Collections include at least one image on CD with print release.  Collections start at $155. 

Keep Rockin!


2012 Senior Model: Introducing Anne

WOW.  I can’t think of a better word to describe how lucky I was to find the Models for this year.  Most are recommended from a friend or past client or model.  Anne was one of those recommendations.  I told her when we met I felt like I had hit the jackpot.

Of course she is young and beautiful.  But she was also full of spirit.  Interest.  And lotsa giggles.  There is seriously nothing but joy coming from Anne.  What a pleasure it was to spend time with her!  Now for the stats:

School: Anderson High School    Interest:  Theatre & Choir   College Choice:  UT

Here are a few of my favorites!

The girl rocked it!

Commercial Work – alot of expectations but FUN!

Marketing is always best if it’s done by someone else.  What I mean by that is if you have made a good enough impression on your client that they market for you!  I love getting clients that were referred from an existing client.

Those clients come in spurts and aren’t really “planned” for.  Marketing your business no matter what you sell is a necessary component of actually making a viable business.  You must get new clients.  Alot of my clients have been friends or friends of friends.   Gotta love Facebook!  But starting in October of last year I branched out attending some local events.  Those have been successful but I’ve found an even better way to promote my business.  Starting in my backyard.

I made a list of places that I regularly do business.  I begin by asking for an appointment or a few minutes of their time.  I then let them know I started a photography business.  This leads the discussion to what type of work I do and am interested in.  One such conversation didn’t lead very far, I left my work for the office manager to review and picked it up in a week.   A few months later the office manager called me, not to display a business card holder but to take some commercial images.  AWESOME!

Commercial work is very similar to any client.  Their concerned that the images they want will be what they actually receive.   Will the images be dark? how will you get the detail in the dark waiting rooms?  Will the owner’s like their images?

The few days of shooting went off without a hitch, the young model the first day was a pleasure and the dentists were so easy to shoot!  The practice is Rising Stars Pediatric Dentistry.  Our kids go to Dr. Pamela Singletary, but there are also three other super Doc.’s!  Dr. Michelle Freeze, Dr. Shiny Thomas, and Dr. Jeffrey Gregerson.

Their office is a state of the art and beautifully decorated. 

If you need a pediatric Dentist I highly recommend this practice.  My kids have gone there for years.  Two locations, one in North Austin, one in Steiner Ranch.  Call 512.266.7200 for an appointment.

Happy Monday!