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The Baker Hotel…

Mom left Mineral Wells, Texas about 55 years ago.  Listening to her talk about it you would have thought it was last week.  I suppose for most people “home” is where you grew up.   Mom talks about her mistakes and joys in life alot lately.  The Baker Hotel was definitely one of her joys.

She had a few jobs at the Baker.  She worked in the cafe (where she met my Dad), and was a bellhop.  I’ve searched for pictures of the Baker in his heyday.  Not much out there.  It is such a shame, we can only imagine how grand it was. 

It is still beautiful.  I took these recently while traveling in the area.  This one is the front entrance.

 This is the side entrance, you would drive to the right, under the walkway to the pool.


 This one is to the right of the bridge.   You can see the lifeguard stand, and I presume the pool house.

 This shot was taken standing to the right of the main entrance.  Unless you look close at the front door you won’t see the plywood boarded up over the broken glass.   

For this shot I stuck my hand through the broken window and took the shot.  I couldn’t see what I was shooting.   Isn’t this room magnificent?

This is another shot I took while stretching my arm through the broken window.  Aren’t the balconies beautiful.

 This is the back side, where the delivery trucks would unload.   

This is a side entrance.

 This is a side corner, followed by the opposite view of the pedestrian bridge to the pool.


 This was the pool.

This is the view from the old Mineral Wells High School.  Wow.  To have seen this place in the 40’s.  It must have been something else.