Monthly Archives: May 2011

Marketing…trying to be fun!

I have displays going in at a few businesses this week!  Excited, but trying to make sure I do this right!  One will be gallery wraps at a new restaurant, one is a smaller display with a business card holder for a dentist office.  I’m so thankful for both!  I finished the business card holders, what do you think?

This is a metal print attached to a business card holder.  This is from the very popular “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Limited Edition.  She is such a doll!

This image is from the “James Bond 007” Limited Edition, also a metal print.

I have a few more marketing ideas to roll out this month! It’s gonna be fun!

Limited Editions! “Tom Sawyer & Scout”

Ok, so I’m sure you get the Tom Sawyer reference but some of you might not know Scout.  I’m referring to one of the main characters in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  Fabulous book, awesome movie.  Set in one of my most favorite states – ALABAMA. 

Scout is a tomboy.  Always wearing overalls, only reluctantly wearing a dress when she started school.  One of those dresses you would see in the old Dick & Jane books.  Ok and if you don’t know who Dick & Jane children’s books are ugh!

I had to move this LE to THIS Saturday and Sunday afternoon, May 28 & May 29.  I needed a break last weekend.  It should be fun, still have spots open! Just shoot me an email or call to get on the schedule.

LOVE this location!  Only 5 minutes from 78750!  whoo hoo!

Have a great week!~