Monthly Archives: February 2011

Laundry – make it quicker – my life EASIER!

Sorry blogisphere! I’m been kinda awol lately, not really MIA, just super super busy.  My busy has been busy!  I was getting so good at simplifying my life then a kid gets sick, then another, then had to spend a week in Dallas on biz, etc.

So laundry.  Still hate it.  But have found such a timesaver.  If your already doing this good for you!  (why didn’t you speak up?).   But sorting clothes as they get dirty before they are a heaping mess in the floor or closet somewhere is the way to go.  I took a tiny closet and small corner in the kid’s bath and put three laundry baskets from the Container store.  Whites and colors in the closet, towels in the bathroom. 

WOW.  When the basket gets full I take one downstairs.  Usually not a special trip, just whenever I’m headed downstairs empty handed.  It is so working!  Here are the before and after pics!

The left hand side is the before picture. 

So now the kids and hubby sort their clothes when they change and I don’t spend hours on the weekend.  The only one not happy is Heidi.  She loved to sleep on a pile of dirty clothes.

The Dogs Have it! …my heart that is

I’ve been gearing up for a Limited Edition shoot later this month: “Just me & My Dog”.  I try and visual how the day will go.  Are they large dogs or small? Puppies or full grown? Will they fit in the bed? (cutest bed ever-will post pic’s soon!).  Picking out specific locations, sets and posing ideas is all part of the fun.

I’ve taken a bazillion pictures of our dogs.  Moby. He’s the rambuncious wheaton terrior that knows no fear, and barks at everything that moves near our house. Including the wind.   Heidi.  The 50 lb. Australian Shepard/Blue Healer mix that thinks she is a lapdog.  She’s also a little crazy – why does she insist I watch her eat?

One thing I continue to do is practice.  and practice.   Thankfully Moby and Heidi don’t mind.