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Defining your STYLE…

For as along as I’ve been studying photography I have always heard:  “Define your style”.  When I was younger that was harder to do.  Not that I didn’t know what my style was, I was afraid what people might think about it, or worse not get it.  I was reminded of that recently from a comment made on facebook.  Innocent comment, but it reminded me that everyone isn’t going to like my “style”.  And you know what? so what.  My favorite quote (excluding the bible) is, “If someone doesn’t like you – it’s none of your business”. 
That put’s it into perspective.  I think that is a good quote to live by, at least express your style by!

I’m often asked how I set me camera for some of my “style”.  I love photos that look like they were taken with a film camera.  I know there are ways to do that in photoshop, but I’ll share with you how I do it. (not a student of photoshop).  The easiest way is to show you by giving you the settings for each image.

This first two were shot at F 3.5, ISO 250, SS 1/160. 

Mom and Dad trying to get Buster (labradoodle) into position.

Boy and his dog…LOVE LOVE LOVE this image!

Shot at F3.5, ISO 100, SS 1/160. 

Happy Tuesday!

The Night Before Christmas

When I envisioned the set for Christmas cards this year I thought about families wearing their pj’s.  As if it wasn’t hard enough to get all the kids’s ready at one time, in the same outfit, I was hoping that some Mom out there would be successful in getting her hubby into pj’s too.  Well it happened!  Yvette you so rock! This shoot was so much fun, and the 2yr old hung in there like a champ.  (of course a fresh pack of smarties candies usually helps!)   Here are a few sneak peeks!

This was so cute!  They had just kissed under the mistletoe.  The kiddo’s were totally grossed out.  Parents 1, Kids 0.

Merry Christmas ya’ll!