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WHAT should we wear??

What should we wear?  I get this question A LOT.  It is usually followed by should we all wear white?  To which I always answer – no, please don’t wear white.  Not that all white, (white shirt, blue jeans) doesn’t look good it’s just not my taste.  I think white should be reserved only for the BRIDE. 

I recommend monochromatic colors, like shades of blue, green, or tan.  What color do you look good in?  Does your family also look good in that color?  Odds are they do.  If not, you could also go with complimentary colors.  The same shade of different colors, like fall colors with similar hue (light or dark).

When looking at a color wheel, complimentary colors are opposite each other.

The closer into the circle the darker the colors get (more black is added).  I like the mid section!

This color wheel has the hue I like the best!

The colors are more muted like a watercolor. 

For the Bonnie & Clyde shoot I also had shots taken of my family.  I set the pose and camera settings and asked my sweet neighbor Val to snap away.  Not her fault that the pictures weren’t dynamo, I had trouble getting the kiddos to cooperate.  I thought about telling them to do it for me for my birthday – AFTER the shoot.  Oh well, will use that line next time.  Although the expressions aren’t the best I love how the outfits blend together.  Mark and I are in black.  Moving from left to right, Rach has some yellow and black in her outfit, Mark has black and yellow, I have black and blue, and Adam has Blue.  It isn’t monochromatic, but all of the colors compliment each other and we each have the same color on going left to right.  I think it makes a more cohesive picture.  Now if I can just get my kids to smile.

Happy Halloween, More Treats than Tricks!

“Bonnie & Clyde” What a FUN Day!

When Phyllis asked me to take her and Dick’s picture my heart literally leaped.  I have always admired her.  She’s one of those women who doesn’t talk about what she would like to do with her life.  She does it.  The Balcones Women’s Association has held numerous fund raisers for Scholarship’s for Westwood Seniors.  Phyllis is the woman in charge of “Market Days”, their largest fundraiser.  These women aren’t looking to raise hundred’s of dollars – they are after the thousand’s.  Last year they gave $17,500 in scholarship money!  That’s what I call doing it!

“Bonnie & Clyde” was the perfect theme for Phyllis and Dick.  She was gorgeous and he was handsome.  What a lovely couple – inside and out.  Here are a few sneak peeks!

I think this image is one of my best!

Can’t decide if I like it better in black and white punch!
They are both huggers. 

Here I am in action, of course on my ladder.  My friend Art took this picture.  He’s the cool chap that let me borrow his beautiful 1928 Ford Model A.   The next picture is the one I captured.

CRAZY about this image.  Doesn’t he look dashing? Cary Grant kinda dashing? I Think SO!

If you see him at Balcones Country Club he might give you an autograph!

Getting the Kid’s Ready for pictures? UGH!

Although I take alot of pictures of my family – rarely are they together.  So I thought I would get all of us together for our Christmas Card picture early this year.  UGH!  Can I just say I feel your pain?  I thought about what we would wear for days, then tried to coordinate colors and styles.  Double UGH!   I understand why Mom’s ask “Can’t we just all wear white?”.  It is easier, yes.  But the final product is usually better when you wear colors you love, and everyone’s colors coordinate.  Think shades of blues, brown, or a little of one color in everyone’s outfit.  If that is too complicated, just try not to clash with each other!  I haven’t finished editing the session from this weekend, but I can post some pic’s of the awesome vehicle we had for the “Bonnie & Clyde” shoot.   My friend Art brought his vehicle, he even had some bullet holes!

“The Night Before…Christmas” Limited Edition

Most of my sets begin as just an idea.   But just like designing for any room in your house there is going to be a focal point.  One item that you build the room or “scene” around.   The excitement of Christmas for me isn’t the actual morning.  It’s the night before.  The excitement, the anticipation, the sweet family time.  So excited to see the joy in someone’s face that you have shopped for.

This year’s Christmas card set is just that – “The Night Before Christmas”.   The settling in, the smell of baked goods mixed with cinnamon candles.  It’s the hot cocoa for the kids and a pretty champagne cocktail for the adults. (ok eggnog for some, just not me).  It’s reading the bestest nightime story.  It’s snuggling in an old iron bed. 

I’m still working on the linen’s, and will post the design drawings in a few days, but I found the bed!
So GLAD I found it.  Isn’t it perfect?

I found this jewel at one of my new favorite shops in Gonzales:  Discovery Architectural Antiques, 409 St. Francis St, Gonzales, Texas.  You can check them out line at:
Sweet!  I CAN’T WAIT!!