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Collin Welsh! Original! Is MINE!!!

Do you remember when you were a kid and wanted something really really bad?  For me it was the easy bake oven.  They were expensive in 19xx, to much even for Santa Claus.  So I never got one.  My best friend Carol Lewis got one though for Christmas in 2nd grade.  We would make cookies when I went to her house.  It was the coolest thing ever!
Well today I feel the excitement of finally getting something you really really really want!  I have admired Collin Welsh’s artwork for years.  I LOVE her trees, and appreciated the “day of the dead” people.  But when she posted a sneak peak of one of her dead people paintings on facebook for the Pecan Street festival I fell in love.  It reminded me of friendship – and my friend Stacie. 
I went to the festival to purchase an original of the trees.  But there was the original I had seen on facebook.  I knew it was suppose to be mine.  I haven’t decided where to hang the “Margarita Ladies” (as I’ve named them).  But they are the coolest thing ever!


Westwood Senior Shoot – Elizabeth

When I first met Elizabeth I thought she was real quite.  I still thought she was quite the second and third time I saw her.   The fourth time?  She started talking.  Maybe it’s because I’m the adult in the room.  (WHEN did that happen?).  She’s not that quite, just shy.  One of those people who listens and thinks more than talk.  I wish I was more like her!   Certainly in the legs department!

Forget Man UP! Granny UP at my house…

I didn’t get alot of her things when she passed, Granny didn’t have alot of material things.  She had everything else in spades.   The few things I do have of hers is spreadout through our house.  No one would ever notice them, their not special to look at.  A worn yellow towel I should have thrown out years ago.  I keep it in the back of our towel closet.  I remember her every time the laundry gets low. 
An old 9×13 baking pan, that she probably paid $5 dollars for in 1978.  But it has her name on the back where she scratched it into the pan with a knife.  I love that baking pan, I swear my kitchen smells like Granny whenever I use it!
Granny was a force.  She was stronger than just about any man in the neighborhood.  She would work all day, and come home to rake her entire yard.  Front and back, at 60+ years of age. If you weren’t raised in the South, we raked our yard every week, no twigs, no limbs, and no pine needles.
When I decided to pursue photography and had doubts about my ability I would think about Granny. 
I read magazines ALOT for posing ideas and trends.  An advertisement the other day had “Man UP” on the caption.  I laughed out loud.  “Granny UP” is more like it!
I thought about that tonight.  A recipe I had tucked into one of my cookbooks fell out as I was starting dinner.  It was Granny’s recipe for Peanut Butter Balls.  Yum!  These are great and you can easily make ahead.
Granny Tallent’s Peanut Butter Balls
 2 cups confectioner sugar
3/4 cup graham crackers  (crushed)
1 tsp vanilla
1 stick butter (melted)
1 cup Peanut butter.

Mix all together, form balls (size of quarter), refrigerate 2 hours.
Melt chocolate bark, dip balls into chocolate with toothpicks.

So when you think your down and can’t slay anymore dragons, just think to yourself “Granny UP”…if not fix these peanut butter balls – you’ll feel better in NO time!   Promise!

I can’t remember who’s birthday it was.  But Granny was always in the spirit!

Simpler Days…and A sense of Humor!

I didn’t expect to wake up at 4:00 am this morning with a migraine – but I did, and YUCK!   I’ve started getting them just in the last couple of years and they are as bad as everyone says.  I feel for those of you who have had to endure those monsters all of your life. TRIPLE YUCK!

For my day job I drive and drive – ALOT.  I am always on IH 35 headed North.  This morning with a migraine from you know where I sat out for my destination at 7:30.  This morning I detoured off 35 and went thru McGregor.   McGregor is one of those small Texas towns that makes me sigh everytime I go thru them.  I long for simpler days. 

This morning I was surprised by a sign I saw in the window of a bank building downtown.  So surprised when I drove by I said out loud “Did I just read what I thought I read?  I had to turn around and go back.

Yep.  That IS what it said.  So glad someone in McClennan County has a sense of humor.  I laughed out loud.  The stress left my body.  And finally so did my migraine.  Thank you! Thank you!, to whomever owns that building.


Sorry it’s a pic from my Iphone.  The caption reads : “Hey Barack, Don’t go to Arizona, They ask for PROOF of Citizenship There!”
´╗┐Happy Thursday!!

Order of priorities…Did I get it right today?

Working full time and doing photoshoots 2-3 times a month keeps me hopping.  I have dreams ALOT about whether I’m doing the right thing.   I’ll dream I’m busy working and forget to pick the kids up from school, or  I’m busy playing with the kids and forget to go to work – or call my boss.  I know most Mom’s feel the same way, whether you work outside the home or not – you wonder if you should be doing it the other way around.

But the kids have gotten “into the act” from the beginning.   Rach and I can be out shopping and when I stare off into space she’ll say “You’ve got another photoshoot idea, don’t you?”.   Nine times out of ten I do and I’ll run it by her.   It’s kind of like when a golfer talks about how he used his 7 iron on number 12.  Just not nearly as irritating! 

A few days ago I needed to go downtown to capture some images for a series of Note Cards I’m designing.  Mark didn’t like the idea of me going by myself so we all went.    It was a really busy downtown Saturday night in Austin.  They dropped me off (with camera and ladder) in front of my landmark.  I made quick work of it and we were on our way home.   Maybe not as much fun as a round of golf – but just as much quality.  And it didn’t take four hours.

I strive to keep my priorities in the right order.  I know sometimes my parenting skills are lacking.  But I also know that doing what makes my heart sing gives me joy and a peace inside that is difficult to describe.  Yesterday Rachel said “I am so Happy”, “I just LOVE my life”, with that she danced out of the room.  
I danced right behind her.

I can’t take a picture dancing…so here’s a recent snapshot!

Although we have gotten rain lately, this is still Texas. The kids love it when Balcones water the greens!

2011 SENIOR Buddy Book Special – Saturday, September 18th!

Diamond’s Girl’s Best Friend…+Mink Coats

The Limited Edition Diamond’s are a Girl’s Best Friend – was so much fun!  I also did Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the day – totally a girl day.  Here are some of the sneak peeks!

I couldn’t decide if I like this better in color or Black & White Punch!

She was such a cutie, as Audrey – OR Marilyn!
If Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend – MINK came a close second this day!
One of my daugher’s bestest friend’s!
Today was all about glamour, LOVED IT!

The next shoot is scheduled for Saturday September 18, go to the to schedule your session!

Diamond’s are a Girl’s Best Friend!

The Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been extremely popular, thank you so much to those who have participated!  A friend of mine recently asked me though when was I going to do something for blondes?  That gave me the idea of Diamond’s are a Girl’s Best Friend.
I finished the set this afternoon.  Here are a few peeks!

Here are the gloves and diamond cuff’s…

And a close-up of the cuff’s!

There has to be sparkle!!
And lot’s of Diamond’s!
I LOVE the background.  A warm chocolate with silver sparkle threaded throughout.

I can’t wait until tomorrow!!! This and Breakfast at Tiffany’s!  Don’t know if I can stand the excitement!