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2011 Senior Model – Brielle Bataille – Cedar Park High School

Introducing our 2011 Senior Model for Cedar Park High School – Brielle Bataille

With a name like Brielle Bataille the girl just had to be fabulous right?  Well she is.  Sugar spice and just everything nice.  She has a giggle that makes you think she is up to something.  And you know, she just might be! 

Minimal makeup.  LOVE LOVE this image!!

Brielle.  Love the French name.  And in this shot she looks it. The girl was working it.

Thanks to Val Almquist for the vintage evening gowns for the photoshoot!
If you are a friend of Brielle hit her up for one of her new Model Rep cards, will save you 25% on your Creation fee!

Birthday Parties? – Tea Parties are the Best

When a dear friend was planning her 6 year old daughter’s birthday party it was hard to not get as excited as she was.  She had been planning this tea party for months!  She had picked out the chairs, where she wanted the chandelier – you name it.  Then life happens.  It had to be postponed due to a family illness, then it was too stinkin’ hot in Texas.  August in Texas?  I mean REALLY! 

The day finally arrived and it was still a tea party, it wasn’t outside, but it was still fabulous!  The details were exquisite!

Aren’t the decorations lovely!


Aren’t these the cutest?  They had gloves and a hair boa!
What is a tea party without cookies?
And fresh fruit…
This was the birthday girl’s seat.
Totally FAB party!!

Sometimes you just need a Haircut!

The second dog my husband brought home last year was a wheaton terrior.  I was unfamiliar with the breed.  The dog hair is like silk and grows and grows!  It grows all around his face, which is cute, but it mats up so quickly!

If I don’t have time to keep him combed out (and I mean the metal fine tooth dog comb) it can get pretty narly.   What did I do with all of my free time before??  Any hoo, such was the case last week.  Moby didn’t seem to mind.  Who wouldn’t want a haircut in Texas in AUGUST.  Here is the before and after pictures.

After: Do you really want to take my picture?

Ok I’ll sit but I won’t open my eyes!

OK, I’ll open my eyes but I won’t be happy about it.
OK, OK I’ll pose…

This is the best I got.

I hope he’s not embarrassed.  At least now he can fit into his T-Shirts!

How to Display Kid’s Artwork – I LOVE THIS!

No matter where I go I am always looking at how art is displayed.  I always focus on the walls and how items are displayed on the walls.  The color scheme of the room is important and if that color compliments the art.

Fortunately we have a little Picasso and Pizzarro.  Every school year I struggle with how to display their creations.  WELL!  I have found a solution, and for only $4.99 at your local IKEA you can too!  Just find a blank wall in your house.

Aren’t these great?  Just secure to the wall and attach the clips.  No need to change in and out of frames.  Easy Peazy – GOT to LOVE that!  So once I select a wall, we will have a rotating gallery of their recent masterpieces.

Back to School sneaked up on me.  This find takes a little of the stress off!

Laundry…Glad somebody likes it!

I pride myself on my organizational skills.  Lists and preplanning have always been my forte.  Laundry on the other hand is never done.  Never finished.  I am always just different levels of behind.

Out sweet Heidi though loves it.  Other than my lap, being on a pile of dirty clothes is her favorite place to be.

She is use to me taking her picture, and only moves now to raise her leg…hoping for a belly rub!

Here’s hoping you finish your laundry, if not – maybe you will get your belly  feet rubbed!

My Christmas Wish List…

Although school hasn’t started yet our kids have already made out their Christmas lists.  Yeah, they had it done in JULY!

At first I thought – what?   Are you kidding me?  But then I realized, why NOT?  Why couldn’t that work for me? Besides, I’ve been good all year! (Just hope Santa reads my blog!).

Here are some of my TOP picks!


Chandiliers (Ikea) …Can a girl EVER have enough of them?  They are only $49.95 each.

Sconce (IKEA).  Can’t you see the candles glowing for a night photoshoot?…dreamy!

Moroccon Lanterns (Anthropologie).  These would look beautiful placed in trees!


Of course, what I drool over – The CANON 5D MarkII.  (My husband’s name is Mark – so it is meant to be!) (Only $2,400 + tax)

A new camera wouldn’t be complete without a new lens right?
The Canon 85mm 1.2 L.  SWEET!

Make it a surprise.  I love surprises.  Just remember I have been good all year.

Christmas Cards – Inspired from the Past

One of my recent posts was about our last trip at Spring Break.  One of the many items that I loved were the “mini” photo cards.  I think these were book marks.  Aren’t they lovely?  I also love the calling cards below.  These are the inspiration for my Christmas Cards this year.  I’ve started designing a series of old fashioned Post Cards.  Pictures to come soon!

These were calling cards that a young lady saved from her many beau’s. 

One thing we will miss with our emails, texts, and faxes…

Happy Monday!