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I’m so not COOL! And I can prove it…

Funny Story.  When we lived 45 minutes from Manhattan we would always take visiting friends to the Big Apple.

Anyone that has ever eaten in a restaurant there knows that space is at a premium and you are usually sat with other people.  Total strangers.  On one occasion we were sitting with friends at a downtown chinese restaurant when the host sat a large family and their friends at our table.  No prob, we all got along fine.

When it came to the end of the meal and we were handed our fortune cookies I said “WAIT a minute!”.  When you read your fortune you are suppose to say “IN BED” at the end of it. Cause I’m so cool right?  So we went around this big round table and everyone would finish their fortune with the words “In BED”.  Everyone thought it was funny.  We laughed at every fortune.

When we left and were walking to the car my husband turns to me and said I can’t believe you did that! (as he was laughing).  I asked why? everyone thought it was funny.  He said yeah, especially the Methodist preacher and his family visiting from South Carolina…    I am so not cool.

As I was fumbling in my top desk drawer this afternoon I found the last fortune cookie I got.  It was so good it had to be saved.

I hope I’m living it.  Cool or not.

LOVE the Metal Prints!!

I am so excited about this product!  Metal prints are cooler than cool!  A client’s 16×20 Metal Print was delivered the other day.  It is beautiful!  The colors are so rich, it looks as though you could step into the picture.   It looks like glass – but won’t break.  Can you see the reflection of the trees?  Can’t wait to see this in her house!
Check it out!

This is the back side.  Ready to hang, either with a nail or hook. 

The metal prints come in all sizes, and look super in a 12X12 sitting in a plate stand.

NoteCards for Sale! How to order!

The notecards are now for sale!  You can order them on the below link:

10 Blank Note Cards, 4.25″x5.5″. Includes white envelopes. These beautiful live oaks surround a golf green. Signature chandilier hanging to the left of the green.

Can also order in color.  More to come soon!

In love with HATS!

Last Spring Break we had NO idea where we were going for the week when we got into the car.  We have NEVER and I mean NEVER done that before.  The only thing I had packed were shorts, swimsuits and a some t-shirts.  The Austin lifestyle has definitely rubbed off on us!

We ended up in Sante Fe, New Mexico – Skiing!  It was fabulous, a real winter wonderland.  I had never seen snow like that before.  It was especially exciting in my flip flops.  Yeah we picked up a few items on the trip.

But the real reason for this post is to talk about what we found on our way.  We meandered up 183 and ended up in Brownwood, Texas.  If you are ever in the area you must eat at Underwood’s Cafe next to the Ford dealership.  M-M-m-m-m Good!  My son loved the country fried steak and they never quit bringing out the fresh hot made rolls with butter.   We searched for something interesting to see and found it at the Brown County Museum of History.  This place was such a find.  Until 1980 it served as the county jail.  They then turned it into a Museum.  The upstairs is just as it was in 1980 when it was the jail.  Awesome piece of history to see.  They also had an impressive collection of guns. (which the boys liked). And downstairs they had several rooms of women’s attire from the turn of the century.  Lot’s of hats from the 1940’s and 1960’s.

There was two rooms full of gun cases.

I can’t imagine in the day of no air conditioners having to wear a petticoat under a thick dress.  WOW.
Some wedding dresses on display.
Aren’t these amazing?  The one on the right is a wool swimsuit.
I fell in love with this flapper dress from the 20’s.
This was entry into one of the cell blocks in the jail on the upper floor.
Look at these steel beds.
Everything looks as if they just decided to close one day and walked out.  It was haunting.
We had plenty of time for fun.  Here my hubby is getting into the part of an ancestor.
Of course our son was also more than willing to play the part!
No doubt an ancestor, here is a picture of the former Sheriff “Jack” Hallmark.  Of course I didn’t know until we moved to Austin that Mark had ancestor’s in this part of the country.  A great-great-great-great Uncle of his fought at San Jacinto.
We are all history buffs and just love this sort of detour! 
The museum was such a beautiful piece of history.
Happy Tuesday!

Senior Special – Announcing Buddy Book!

Just announced “Senior Buddy Book”…You and a friend schedule your session together and instead of 1 hr session, get 2 hr session! TWO LOCATIONS, Incentive for FREE digital wallet size image to order for your Invitations!!  The firsts session will be at Laguna Gloria on August 14, 2010.  The other location? YOU decide!  If your waiting on your letter jacket we can make arrangements to do the second session in September!

Project Complete – Special Note Cards

I tweeted a few weeks ago that I was off to work on a special project.  It wasn’t an assignment or commission piece but something I have wanted to do for so so long!  I always try to keep notecards on hand, ones that are blank and can be used for almost anything.  Problem is I haven’t found any I really like in years.  My husband suggested I make my own – so I did.
I have always loved trees, that is one of the things I miss most about Alabama.  Alabama the beautiful – has tall beautiful oak trees, (and pine trees and maple trees, etc.).  But I have come to appreciate and love the live oaks of Texas.  They are mysterious and look so pragmatic in black and white punch.   The website for this edition is   I’m working on the specifics of how to order but for now below is the finished first run!

And YES, that is my signature chandilier in the tree to the left of the green.

This is my new logo.  LOVE IT!

Paper Dolls – Pin-UP Limited Edition – ARE YOU CRAZY??

I am often asked where I get the ideas for Limited Editions.  Some are obvious, and some – not so much.  This one definitely falls into the later category!  A friend of mine wanted to give some photos of herself to her hubby of 30+ years (honey that is LOVE).  Her idea was a “Calendar Girls”.  The only problem would be if I shot 12 different sets/locations the cost would be prohibitive for this type of item. (It would take days to shoot her and some of her closest friends!).

So I thought of the Pin-Up girls of the 40’s and 50’s.   Not the near naked celebrities you see these days.
The early Pin-Up’s had not only beauty, but style and grace.   I have secured a private pool that has a gorgeous fountain and lots and lots of greenery.  It is going to be spectacular!  You can wear a swimsuit, shorts, skirt, cover-up, you name it!  As always the goal is to have fun and capture your good side!  Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, hat, shades, pumps, and by all means a boa if you have one!

Here are a few glamour girls that will serve as our inspiration: