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FamilyScape Coffee Table Books

I am slowly adding items to my products offered.  I scour the available vendors when I decide on an item, checking on quality and of course price.  I have finally found just the right balance between custom design and a price that is affordable. 

FamilyScapes are coffee table books that reflect a day or time in your life.  Often times after an hour or two photoshoot I have captured alot of really fun images.  Most families choose about six images to put in their home, office, and give to friends.  But they really want to keep most of the images but don’t necessarily want them all over their house.   A FamilyScape book is a custom designed album with many of the images from the day.   I LOVE THEM!

2010 Limited Editions – Just Announced!!

Yeah!  I’ve been working super hard on the design details of the upcoming Limited Editions.  We have a WIDE variety.   The first one is inspired by one of my clients.  She is an ultra fab gal that wanted some fun shots of her to give to her hubby of 30+ years!  Now THAT is trueloving!  So with her in mind I came up with PaperDolls – Swimsuit PinUP! Saturday July, 31, 2010. This will be a poolside session extravaganza! This outdoor session will either be at a private pool or Barton Springs.  Think Betty Grable (you young girls will need to google) or other pin-up girls from the 40’s and 50’s.  Back when style had more to do with personality and grace than how much skin you were showing!  A vintage 50’s style bathing suit will be provided. (large adult size, can be cinched in the back for you small girlies!). 

The remaining Limited Editions will be just as fun!  Check them out!

Mustang Sally – September 4, 2010
Diamonds are a Girl’s best Friend – September 18, 2010
Bonnie & Clyde – October 9, 2010
Outdoor Room – October 23, 2010
The Night Before Christmas – November 6th and 13th, 2010.

To check out the details and reserve your spot go to my website:  and click on blog!~

James Bond 007…

What a fabulous photo shoot!  So as always I get carried away with the set.  It wasn’t my fault – REALLY!  It was the vintage, restored, RED, convertible JAG!   So I went to buy a tuxedo for the boys to wear, ended up buying two, I mean three, bought two then went back for the third and the store was CLOSED.  Completely closed down, empty the day before the shoot.  So I panicked because I had booked a session with a little guy the day before.  But  three hours and 60 miles later I found a size 6 Tuxedo to buy!
And then little girls were coming.  So I bought a sequin top and killer headband/veil.   I’ll post the girls later – wouldn’t want to spoil the Father’s Day surprise!  Check out the sneak peeks!
Two brothers that rocked it!…

Isn’t he a cutie?

This one is a movie star in the making!
So is his brother!
This picture looks like the “Brat Pack”.  They are just too cool!!
I will be posting the 2010 Limited Edition Schedule soon!

The Boyd’s

The Boyd’s

LOVE This Video!!!