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“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Limited Edition

Announcing “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Limited Edition

Limited Editions are “limited” in that they occur on only one date, are limited in the amount of openings for each date, and are usually “themed”. You receive 15 minutes of time and there is only one outfit allowed. You are usually shown at least 7-10 images to make your selection from. The creation fee is $35 and pricing starts at $20 for prints with no minimum orders. All prints are professionally printed and coated for protection. Enlargements and wall portraits are professionally mounted.

This session is scheduled for Wednesday, May 5, early release day at Spicewood. Sessions will be scheduled from 1:15 PM until 4:30 PM. Session time preference will be in the order that sessions are booked. Payment of creation fee books a session. We accept cash, check, visa, or mastercard.

Tips: Arrive with hair in a bun or ponytail. Not necessary for hair to be clean, better if it’s not! Short hair? no problem. We will have plenty of bobby pins to secure. We won’t have time to get the prints back before Mother’s Day, but definitely by Father’s Day!

Print orders will need to be made the day of the session. Images will be posted to Facebook by the weekend!

**UPDATE** Only 5  3 sessions left!!  Email me soon to get on the schedule!

Adina and Scott Hayne Workshop – ULTRA FAB!!

Wow!  I have followed Scott’s work for a couple of years, evidently right after he started.  I always loved his use of light, and how he created a mood in the modest of locations.  One afternoon recently while I was stalking his website I saw that he and his lovely wife Adina were coming to Houston for a workshop – I signed up immediately.  Adina and Scott were so honest and giving in the presentation – they didn’t hold anything back and answered every question asked.  Thanks to Aric Hoek and the Houston Professional Photographer’s Guild for hosting such an informative event.  I certaintly wish I lived closer! I would join your awesome group.  If anyone does live within the Houston area the PPGH has just changed their membership guidelines.  I would check it out!

The Hayne’s were very prepared and the day was jam packed.   I can’t reveal in one blog post everything I learned but using light was probably my favorite part.   Adina shared her knowledge of the back end including marketing, giving clients what they want, and the fun job of running an office.  Of course just watching Scott was an education in itself.  He was awarded the SPA (Senior Portait Artist) of the year last year and his work is awe inspiring.  Just look at a few shots from the day.

No Scott is not resting! He is showing the model how to pose.

This girl nailed it.

Then we went outside.  This one is just yummy!!

Adina and Scott are truly a husband and wife team.   They go together on every shoot.  Here she is lighting a model.
This is the bottom floor of the Crowne Plaza in Houston.  LOVE IT!!
Thanks again to Adina and Scott!  You guys so ROCK!

Jessie – Simply Stunning

When I’m photographing someone and they ask for direction I usually tell them to smile with their eyes.  Jessie can’t help but smile with her eyes!  What a beautiful girl.  I had several sets put together – and she looked fab in all of them.  Look for her website soon!  Here are a few sneak peeks!

College Senior Session

Baylor University in Waco Texas is a beautiful campus.  I had the pleasure recently to do a Senior photo session there. We wondered all over campus as Justin pointed out this and that.  The library, the stadium, the various halls that he has traveled.  Baylor has been home to Justin for the past four years.  I remember the day his parents dropped him off.  There wasn’t a dry eye there.  ANYWHERE on campus that day I suspect. 

As that day was an adventure full of hope and surprise so is his future.  Soon he will take another road another path to become the man that God has directed him to be.  Here are a few sneak peeks.