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Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Birthday Party

So for my little one’s 8th birthday party I wanted to do something special. I had seen a picture in a parent’s magazine advertising the new spring wardrobe with the tag line “What would Audrey wear?”. And that got me to thinking.

I did a few searches for re-creating the Breakfast at Tiffany’s photo shoot. Not exactly an original idea, but what a fun one – especially with 8 year old little girly girls.

Here is a photo of the inspiration:

Here is the beautiful Rachel

And one of her sweet beautiful friends.
And another yet beautiful friend

The girls had a blast and so did their Agents (Moms).

Mary Kay Glamour Photo Shoot

Recently I did a photo shoot at the Mary Kay Training Center in Austin. OH what fun! I was a little apprehensive to do that many ladies back to back but it went off without a hitch. No burned out lightbulbs or printer errors. Our host – the ultra fab Debbi Yost was a jewel. She is my personal Mary Kay representative and organized the event. It was spectacular. If you ever need some new colors (or maintenance as I call it) give Debbi a call. She can be reached at 335-7067 or cell at 914-9468. Her email is, website: Debbi has been a Senior Sales Director for Mary Kay for 20+ years. What I love is she can take one look at you and know what color will look smashing.

Just look at a few of the ladies from the event:

Can’t wait until the next one!