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Christmas Day 2009

Another great Christmas has come and gone.  We are thankful for our wonderful children, our health, and all of the wonderful gifts God has given to us.   I ate SO much yesterday.  I am still full.  Mark made the most wonderful squash souffle and the best dressing EVER!  He missed his calling -should have been a chef!  Besides the kids, the dogs were waiting in anticipation for every gift that was opened.   I think they peeked and knew there were new beggin’ strips to be had!

Hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday!

Christmas Shoot of Grace

What a cutie!  We had little time and I had a camera malfunction, but managed to get some great shots!  It wasn’t planned but her Momma couldn’t be around but Grace surprised me with some fun poses of her own!
She looks so grown up!  I couldn’t pick a favorite!

Christmas Cards – Finally My kids!

I finally had time to get our kids pictures done for Christmas Cards.  Why couldn’t I just go outside and shoot them right?  wrong.  Of course you understand if you have kids.  You might have an hour (total), but the kids are fighting or not presentable, (aka they haven’t had a bath in two days!).
Even though I had problems with my camera I love love the pictures.   These are the best pictures I’ve gotten of both of them together.  Yeah!  What do you think?

This little girl loves her brother.

I love it best when they pick out what to wear.

I think this will be the Christmas card.

And this is one brother that loves his little sister.  We are so blessed.

29 Plus…December 2, 2009

It is that time again. How did it get here so quick? I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m referring to my Birthday.
Birthday’s are always special at my house. We usually have the 12 days of Birthday. The 12 days of Mark, the 12 days of Sheila, etc. Not this year. Not enough time and it seems like everyone has had a cold or strep for a month! No biggie. I’m 29 Plus…again.
It all started 2 years ago when Rachel was 5. I don’t remember where we were but someone asked me how old I was. Rachel replied very matter of fact “She is 29 Plus”. Never have I been more proud. Of course she is a bright, articulate sweet bundle of joy. But in that one short sentence she stopped the question cold. I don’t know that I’m that quick witted now, I know I wasn’t at 5.

So we all went to dinner tonight and had a nice meal together. And toasted me, Mom, who is 29+ once again.

Thank Heaven for little Girls…