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This SHOULD be a Bumper Sticker!

So living in Austin I see cars all the time with a bazillion (yeah I make up words) bumper stickers. The following SHOULD be a bumper sticker. I love all of my High School Seniors, but seriously !!!

Christmas Set Design – The King Session

I had a Christmas Card session last weekend and could not have asked for a more photographic family! They were too cute. Here are a few sneak peeks!

Here is the Christmas Scene

Christmas Card Set Design

I’ve had several requests to take Christmas card photos. I LOVE Christmas cards, always have. I especially love family photo Christmas cards, who doesn’t know what Santa looks like?
My day job has been crazy busy lately so with the extra hours I’ve been working I haven’t had time to design cards. So for the photo sessions I thought I would design a Christmas card scene. This way if you would like to make bulk prints of the image and include in your traditional Christmas Cards it works, AND if you want to print it as a 5X7 postcard it works! It’s raining outside now so I can’t post a picture of the actual scene, but here are a few of the drawn sketchs. I chose “Rustic Christmas” for the set. Let me know what you think!

The Limited edition session fee is $35. To allow you more flexibility, for another $20 you get the 7 to 10 full resolution images on a CD (with copyright release). Now that is something to HO!HO!Ho! about. But you better hurry and book your session – only available dates are Sunday 11/22, Saturday 11/28, and Sunday 11/29. Have a great holiday ya’ll!

Here are copies of the first drafts. “Christmas Glamour” and “Rustic Christmas” were my favorite.

“Rustic Christmas” it is. A lighted chandelier decorated with colored ornaments hangs from one of the live oaks. Your family will sit on a colorful fabric covered bench. A Christmas wreath adorns the tree to the left. Tree branches painted gold and bronze give the set texture. I can’t wait!

Baby Aubrey

It is always fun when good friends come to visit. But when it is one of your best friends in the world and six years since you’ve seen each other the time you get to spend together is even more special. I’ve been friends with Jean for almost two dozen years. Not only did I get to spend time with her, she brought her beautiful daughter Erica, Erica’s husband Brian (ARMY ROCKS), and their sweet sweet baby Aubrey.
What a pleasure it was to spend a few days with all of them. My family just cherished the time we had. Jean makes such a good Nanna. Erica has turned into a beautiful woman and great mom. She and her husband Brian are such devoted parents. It makes my spirit dance to be around such a beautiful family. And speaking of dancing, although at three months she is no where near walking – that little Aubrey can DANCE! Here are a few of my favorites!