Monthly Archives: October 2009

We got a new Dog…about a year ago

Almost a year ago Mark informed me that we were getting a new dog. Actually he told me the night before he was to pick up this dog. I wasn’t excited to say the least. Anyway, the next day I called Mark around 4:00 in the afternoon and mentioned that I hadn’t had a good day. He said well let me tell you about my day…

He picked up the dog and brought it to our house. He put her in the garage and was getting her a bone when she decided to take off. She was at our house a total of THREE minutes. By the time Mark got to the back of our yard the dog was half way down the golf course. So the chase began. Mark jumped into his car, drove around the neighborhood calling for “Abby“. He got our neighbor MaryAnn to help him out. So two cars were driving around our neighborhood looking for this dog. They met at the club, and got two more people to look with them. All four of them got on golf cars and tried to pin the dog in a corner. “Abby” wasn’t having any of it. They chased that dog for 3 1/2 hours. All the while Mark was in his suit (on break from the office). What a break it was. So Mark announced I guess we don’t have a dog.

That night we had a meeting at the Balcones Country Club to discuss the future of the club. I got a babysitter so we could both go. We went, and then drove around another 45 minutes looking for this dog to no avail. I told my husband it just wasn’t meant to be. (oh darn…)

The next day I took the kids to school, came home and went for my morning walk. When I got back from my walk I noticed a dog standing in our back yard. No collar, no harness. She wouldn’t come to me so I sat on the ground and opened both hands out. She walked over to me, shaking, and sniffed my hands. She then licked my hands. I then put my arms around her and put her in my lap. There she sat for a good 10 minutes just shaking. When she finally quit shaking I picked her up and took her into the garage. I then yelled at Mark to come to the garage I wanted to show him something.

Needless to say he couldn’t believe that dog found it’s way back to our house. She is four years old and grew up on a farm 90 minutes from here. But there she was, hungry , tired, but tail wagging. She never leaves my side. It took her two weeks before she would have anything to do with anyone but me. Now she lays in the floor or on the bed with the kids. She is a blue heeler mix. Oh, and her name isn’t “Abby”. I couldn’t figure out why she never would come to me when I called her by her name. (Mark said it was Abby). Then I looked on her vaccine papers, her name was HEIDI, as in HIDE eeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are a few shots of the dog that has became a big part of our family!