Monthly Archives: September 2009

Elizabeth & Friends – Model Session

Elizabeth and some of her friends agreed to a model session for the 2010 High School Senior year. What a great group! We had it all – tall, taller, blonde, blonder, brunette, and well more brunette. Each was unique and a pleasure to work with. It didn’t take them long to get into the moment and have some fun. They were all gorgeous, made my job super easy! Here is a sneak peak!
Elizabeth was quiet but had a smile that was infectious!

Alex had gorgeous eyes and flowing long hair.

Sarah is all spunk and then some…Look out World! Tall, thin, and very very long legs.

Aivia, beautiful name for a beautiful girl…

Phil & Val…

So I have been ultra busy. I had two photo shoots back to back (literally one Friday one Saturday). The one Friday was of the sweetest couple anyone would want to have as next door neighbors. Phil & Val have been living on the Balcones Golf Course for 30+ years. Whenever I meet someone new in this neighborhood and they ask me where I live, I just say next door to Phil & Val. They immediately know which house. They follow by saying “Aren’t they great”. And I always say – “YES, they are!”. I kind of say it possessive, like they belong to me. You may know them, but I get to see them almost everyday.

I had been planning their shoot (in my head) for months and finally asked them if they would model for me. I had some shots in mind and really wanted to create a mood. You know that warm mood that reminds you life is worth living, how you feel when you see a small child hugging a puppy, or a couple that have been together a hundred years but still enjoy the journey together. Here are a few sneak peek shots, I really think one of these might be my best yet.

Phil is such a joker. He had Val going…

Too Sweet.