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Presentation…Why it matters

I was about 12 years old that summer when my cousin Michelle came to spend a week with us. She had some spending money her dad gave her. But what did she buy…candy? a new baseball? a new hula hoop? NO. She bought makeup. I was simply bewildered until I saw the packaging. What beautiful colors, and textures, and bows. It smelled nice. It made me feel special just to pick up one of the boxes. I wasn’t interested in the lipstick – what self respecting short-stop wore that? But I fell in love with the packaging, the smell, and the beautiful colors.
I have shared that story many times – in marketing classes, and MBA classes, and at sales seminars. If you have a product that someone wants to buy why not make them feel special at the same time? My goal with High School Senior Photography is to take amazing images that makes the client feel good about themselves and super anxious to show their friends. That’s why it matters – feeling special feeds the soul.

Here are Alex & Glenda’s goody bags for tonight’s preview party of their portraits. If this doesn’t feed their soul – at least it will feed their tummy’s with very good chocolate!

Finished Editing Pictures from Photo Shoot!

I finished editing the pictures from the recent Photo shoot! I hope the models are just half as happy with them as I am. (Make that their parents too!) If they are then they might be oh I don’t know…ecstatic! blown away! I really can’t believe how little editing I ended up doing. I’ve spent all this time (and $$ on software) learning how to create perfect pictures. It wasn’t necessary. It was also difficult to cull the final count down. I started with almost 500 shots, ended up with 102. I couldn’t narrow it down from that. I have been taught that for most sessions you should end up with about 30 to 35 shots for the client to choose from, unless of course it is a wedding. Oh well. Blew that one.

Here are a few more…Simply stunning!

You girls ROCKED IT!

Photo Shoot – Alex & Glen

WOW! Talk about a dream photoshoot. I had the pleasure of working with Alex & Glenda on Saturday. Two sisters that are oppposites in alot of ways but what they had in common -photogenic and drop dead gorgeous – they had in spades. Our make-up artist for the day Shannon Yost was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. She has been a market rep for Mary Kay for years and really knows her stuff. I was really impressed with her knowledge not just about how to apply make-up for the best effect, but also about skincare. I learned a lot and plan to have Shannon give me a consultation SOON! Thanks Shannon it was great to meet you. Ladies if you need a new look here is her contact info:

The lighting for the day was a challenge. Sunny one minute, cloudy the next. Our enthusiasm though didn’t wane!..Here is a sneak peek.

Our Make-up pro working her magic…

We had a wide selection of accessories…

The ultra Fab sisters, (see I told you not just gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous)…

And the sparkle of the day came from Juliana, the little Fashionista. Look out world – she will be breaking hearts…I’m afraid especially her Dad’s. Thanks Libby for sharing your family with me, you guys were wonderful and truly made a fantastic shoot!