Monthly Archives: June 2009

My Little Sister’s Wedding

Ok, so I was excited when my little sister told me she finally met the man she wanted to marry and have kids with. They planned a simple wedding at the Chapel in the Pines on Lake Logan Martin in Pell City, Alabama. Yeah! that’s right, Alabama baby- where the pine trees are tall and plentiful and the lakes…well unlike Texas they actually have water in them.
The weather was beautiful, and the bridesmaids were all 6 and 7 year old little girls. Little girly girls with bows in their hair wearing white sun dresses from Strasburg. My 7 year old girly girl fit right in!

It was such a sweet wedding. But I have to admit it made me sad. Not that the weather could have been any more perfect, nor that I hadn’t lost those last ten pounds before the big day. I was sad that although my sister is grown, graduated college twice (we are so proud, nurses rule), but she doesn’t seem so little anymore. I didn’t want her to grow up. It took having my own kids to realize you can’t keep them young, even little sisters. You have to let them grow up. And if that means driving 1,000 miles for two days in a car (with a 7 and 9 year old) across 4 states just so you can give them away – you do it. I hope you have your own girly girl one day and you’ll know what I mean. At least for now, I still have my 7 year old girly girl at home.

Oh, and yeah I took my camera. Here are a few favs from the day.